The Top 20 Differences Between High School and College

Wednesday, Feb. 2nd 2011 6:26 PM

Many people seem to believe that college is just an extension of high school. Actually, nothing could be further from the truth.

In fact, we would insist that college ain’t nothin’ like high school.

High School


1. Mandatory 1. Voluntary
2. Free 2. Extremely expensive
3. Your time is completely structured by others 3. You manage your own time or pay the consequences
4. Your parents and teachers remind you constantly of the required expectations 4. You are expected to balance your responsibilities and set priorities
5. You are required to do homework which often feels like busy work 5. You are required to do only what you need to learn the required material
6. One class follows another and you spend 6+ hours a day and 30+ a week in school 6. You have hours between your classes and your schedule of 12-16 hours of class looks light (don’t be fooled)
7. Attendance is required, classes end with bells and late for class requires a tardy slip 7. There are no bells and attendance is up to you
8. A zero means the teacher is trying to get your attention 8. A zero is a zero
9. Rote memorization can be enough to ace most tests 9. Rote memorization might get you a C but you will need to understand the material to get an A
10. Passing in the first draft of a paper will earn you at least a C from your teacher 10. Passing in the first draft of a paper will earn you disdain from your professor
11. Your teacher paces the class according to how well students grasp the material 11. Your professor covers more material in a half-hour than your teacher covered in a week
12. The smart students ruin the curve 12. The 35-year-old going back to school ruins the curve
13. You call your instructor Mr. Smith 13.You call your instructor Professor Smith
14. Your teacher consults the answer book to determine the correct response to a question 14. Your professor wrote the both the text and the answer book
15. You need permission to participate in co-curricular activities 15. You must decide if you have the time to participate in co-curriculars
16. The weekend starts when mom or dad says it starts 16. The weekend starts when the seniors on cruise control say it starts (usually on Thursday)
17. In high school, you can't go out on the weekend because your parents won’t allow it 17. In college, you can’t go out on the weekend because you can't afford it
18. The girl down the hall is your sister 18. The girl down the hall is the one you have a crush on
19. You wouldn’t get caught dead eating the cafeteria food 19. You are happy to eat anything without the name Ramen on it
20. Because you live with your parents you seldom face any ambiguity regarding ethical decisions 20. Because you live with your classmates you will be faced with moral and ethical decisions you have never faced before

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