We Don’t Condone this Activity…

Tuesday, Jan. 22nd 2008 7:00 AM

…but if you ever wanted to surf the web anonymously and bypass filters, use a proxy service!

Here are some services that may work for you.

AvoidFilter.net LogoAvoidFilter.net is a web proxy that allows users to browse the web anonymously. Our proxy service will allow you to unblock websites, unblock sites, bypass work filters, school filters and much more like Avoiding Filters.

wwwfilter Logowwwfilter claims: “we allow you to bypass restricted sites at work, school or college, including unblocking sites like MySpace, Bebo, Facebook and plenty more! The best thing is that we are free and simple to use, so check it out and tell your friends!”

proxydoo LogoProxydoo: An anonymous free web proxy allows you to bypass local proxies and security restrictions and browse blocked sites or simply browse privately and securely without the need to install any software on your computer. If you browse the web through a public web proxy, the websites can not find your real IP address, and you also need not configure or update anything locally, everything is prepared and working. Access sites like MySpace, Bebo, Facebook and plenty more!

UnblockAnything LogoUnblock Anything is a free proxy that will unblock websites for your viewing pleasure. Our free service will allow you to unblock sites that may be restricted due to your network at school or work. Feel safe while you can anonymously browse the internet freely and securely. No compromising data will be given out such as your IP address or location. Access Myspace, Youtube, Facebook and others popular sites anywhere.

Surfing7 LogoSurfing7 is a free anonymous proxy. The web proxies offers free anonymous surfing to protect your privacy. The server also can be used to easily bypass internet web filter, unblock websites Myspace Bebo Facebook from schools, help you share photos video and music.

0aw LogoZero Anonymous Web: Never let your teachers, boss, or principal control your web browsing again! To bypass web filters, all you have to is type the URL of the website you want to unblock and hit ENTER! Protect your anonymity and remain safe with this site. Why wait any longer? Start unblocking sites now! Remember to bookmark us and to tell your friends.

What are your favorite proxies? Are they on this list? Have you had any bad experiences?

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21 Comments on “We Don’t Condone this Activity…”

  1. allen Says:

    Ok pretty good sites, but now days there is even a greater problem, web proxies are being restricted so even if the site will allow you to bypass some barriers you can’t into the proxy site itself. So what can you do in this case?

  2. farzin Says:

    so many thanks, goodluck

  3. Joanna Says:

    yeah…they blocked all of these, I got into one and BAM! it seems like it was blocked almost instantly =(

  4. jas0n Says:

    how r we suppose to do use the fuking site if its bloked?

  5. The Digital Student Says:

    jas0n, perhaps you need to find other sites. 😉

  6. julio rivera Says:

    all of these proxys were blocked at my school

  7. keighley stackhouse Says:

    i relii need a site for bebo plz help….school is stupid!

  8. saamiah aleem Says:

    fuck them all.. they all have been blocked… daymmm… but thanx neways,

  9. steeveen Says:

    yah….this blows school blocked all of these 🙁

  10. Matt Says:

    Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck schoool!!!!!!!!! This sucks!

  11. amy Says:

    i fuckin hate skwl how do u get on bebo tell me please ppl ta amy x x

  12. dezerae Says:

    they all have been blocked thanks anyway

  13. art Says:

    all those websides dont work :S maaaan…

  14. john Says:

    i click on em all and none of em work

  15. sora12 Says:

    um…this didn’t help me much.It automatically said it waz blocked.Man this sucks crap!:(

  16. darkhacker Says:

    still blocked….
    my company uses fortiguard,,, help me,,,

  17. Duh Says:

    Maybe the proxy site builders should name their sites anthing but *proxy*.com! Duh.

  18. Abigail Smith Says:

    Proxy sites can be a great resource if you want to unblock a page. It lets you get around firewalls that may be blocking your ability to access a site. Unblock Myspace is a great site that will do just that for. Its really cool to cause there is a link there where you can sign up to have all the latest proxies emailed to you. Really helpful for when your proxy gest blocked so you don’t have to go hunting for more right when you only have a few mins and want to get on to myspace real quick and do an update or whatever.

  19. Chadwick Levell Says:

    They likely have a log of every web site you’ve been to. Only an incompetent IT department would not be logging this for corporate security and liability purposes.

  20. Ivonne Skov Says:

    This page called Unblock Websites also has some good info on the topic.

  21. prabhu Says:

    AS sometime proxys are restricted or proxy sites are banned in that case you can use VPN SERVICES. VPN services are reliable and cheap.It easy to use with great speed and provides unlimited bandwidth. Its free of viruses and malware. You should try it once.

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