Cell Phone Etiquette – During Intimacy, Remember Your Manners

Wednesday, Apr. 7th 2010 6:33 PM

Cell phones and sex don’t mix – and we are not talking about sexting.

One really good thing about surfing the internet, I am usually sitting down when I click on that story of stories – the one that makes me sit up very straight and utter, are you kidding me? Of course, it is usually the s word I utter but you get the point.

The other day I am surfing Arianna’s wondrous site, The Huffington Post, to see which writer is taking that raving maniac Glen Beck to task today when I stumble on to the latest study, this one about cell phone use and texting.

In the realm of you have to be kidding, consider these results:

“Twenty-four percent of users under 25 and 12 percent of users over 25 allow electronic message to interrupt them while they’re in the bathroom.”

Even while on the hopper? Is nothing sacred?

And then this:

iStock_000009145556XSmall“…over 40% of respondents saying they didn’t mind being interrupted for a message. In fact, 32% said a meal was not off limits while 7% said they’d even check out a message during an intimate moment.”

And, what mind you, constitutes an intimate moment? I guess just what you might think:

“The study found that 11 percent admit to checking updates during sex (6 percent of users over 25 do the same).

“While the scope of this study is fairly limited, the results seem to echo recent findings that estimated 15 percent of Americans have interrupted sex to answer a cell phone call.”

No, nothing appears sacred anymore.

Now I stumbled onto this amazing set of revelations just after catching one of those moments we could dub a fabulous reality, the amazing photo of Tiger Woods tapping away on his cell phone while playing a practice round at the Masters. The amazing moment that will form the perfect photo over at TMZ whenever some other young lady feels the need to come clean and admit she has spent time with Tiger also led to a number of double entendre’s since reportedly Woods was filming his friend Mark O’Meara’s, ahem, putting stroke.

For the cell phone, etiquette-challenged young, we remind you of some of the basics:

Lights Out, Phone Off: Now this usually means that phones should be turned off in movie theaters, playhouses, and other stage venues. The ringer and the lighted screen both deemed as negatives in such a setting. Could it be that the 11 percenters never turn off the lights?

iStock_000001977063XSmallLove the One You’re With: This usually translates to the notion that it is rude to take a cell phone call during a social engagement. Even more pertinent, it is deemed inconsiderate to take a call in the middle of a conversation. If by the slimmest of chances you truly think you must answer, you are supposed to ask permission to do so. Could it be that those who check updates during sex see the act as so distant it does not qualify as either a social engagement or a conversation? And what possibly could your significant other say when you ask, “Mind if take this call?”

Use Common Sense:
This often translates to turning your phone off before a job interview, your best friend’s wedding or Grampa’s funeral. If the phone should be off anyplace a quiet atmosphere is expected, then why in heaven’s name would it be on in the bedroom?

Employ the Ten Foot Rule: The theory is you should maintain a distance of at least 10-feet from the nearest person when talking on a cell phone. Tough to maintain this standard even in a king size bed.

Times have surely changed. Whereas once upon a time the gentleman held the car door for the lady, today he is just as likely to be the passenger in her car.

Today’s digital world no doubt presents new challenges when it comes to manners and etiquette. That said remember the basics:

Lights Out, Phone Off – Love the One You’re With – Use Common Sense – Employ the Ten Foot Rule.

And then add this one other:

Keep the Personal Personal: on and off the phone.

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  • Thank goodness I thought i was the only retard that thought it was ill manered to awnswer the phone during our intimate momment! Well I really am happy that im not the only one. Yes with the new dgital world there sure are a few new things that has come in to play but just respect the one you are with good gosh is that to much to ask? Really I was so angry when THIS happend to me I was pissed the whole time and I just could not belive, does our love meen this little to you to awnser the damn phone. Oh and it was at 06:00 the morning i mean really who does work at that time well people now with an office job. That is the time you just wake up good gosh. Thanks for the post really agree with you and will bring this into our realtioship and hope it works…

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