When Jobs Fail, there’s Always Business School

Wednesday, Apr. 16th 2008 6:32 AM

Business ClassYou may not have found a job or you got lucky and graduated with a career, but business school is always a possibility in your future. BusinessWeek rates the top 50 business schools for undergrads, and to make things easier, we’ve done it here at GoCollege too.

50. Rutgers University (New Brunswick, NJ), $10,949/year, 780 students. Accounting and finance is best (marketing and management, not so much)
49. University of Miami (Coral Gables, FL), $34,720/year, 2,089 students. Small classes but not great recruitment.
48. University of Minnesota-Carlson (Minneapolis), $10,498/year, 1,863 students. Limited program offerings and easy classes, but good recruitment within the Twin Cities area.
47. University of San Diego (San Diego, CA), $32,564/year, 1,077 students. Great personable professors, but the jobs are not so great.
46. University of Florida-Warrington (Gainesville, FL), $3,372/year, 2,177 students. Big classes that are mostly taught by TAs are disappointing.
45. Loyola College-Sellinger (Baltimore, MD), $42,730/year, 926 students. Small classes and one-on-one attention gets high marks.
44. University of Georgia-Terry (Athens, GA), $5,622/year, 2,388 students. Academically rigorous courses, and it’s hard to get into top level classes.
43. University of Maryland-Smith (College Park, MD), $7,968/year, 2,877 students. Wall Street hasn’t seen many student representation.
42. Boston University (Boston, MA), $34,930/year, 1,979 students. Good curriculum but tough grading system and not-so-good recruiting disappoint.
41. Case Western Reserve University-Weatherhead (Cleveland, OH), $33,538/year, 405 students. Small classes are great, but there’s a lot of work.
40. Binghamton University (Binghamton, NY), $6,012/year, 870 students. Close-knit administration is a bonus.
39. Michigan State University-Broad (East Lansing, MI), $10,090/year, 2,065 students. Good classes, not as good teachers/administration.
38. Pennsylvania State University-Smeal (University Park, PA), $14,343/year, 5,492 students. Good supply of recruiters, but the cost is high for some.
37. University of Wisconsin-Madison (Madison, WI), $7,460/year, 1,312 students. Too many classes are taught by TAs and not professors, but recruitment is high.
36. Baylor University-Hankamer (Waco, TX), $25,340/year, 2,565 students. Strong focus on ethics, but not strong in recruitment.
35. Santa Clara University (Santa Clara, CA), $33,000/year, 1,860 students. Great recruiting within the Silicon Valley area but not much elsewhere.
34. Northeastern University (Boston, MA), $31,899/year, 2,921 students. Co-op opportunities are aplenty.
33. University of Washington (Seattle, WA), $6,385/year, 1,750 students. Small community and close-knit professors, but hard to find jobs on the east coast.
32. Texas Christian University-Neeley (Fort Worth, TX), $24,865/year, 1,727 students. Solid leadership program coupled with tough marks and difficult recruiting makes finding jobs hard.
31. Texas A & M-Mays (College Station, TX), $7,266/year, 3,856 students. Honors classes perform better than other classes, which aren’t as challenging.
30. Bentley College (Waltham, MA), $32,896/year, 3,810 students. Small classes shine, and finance and accounting majors get the best jobs.
29. The College of William & Mary-Mason (Williamsburg, VA), $9,164/year, 453 students. Broad curriculum and intimate environment with great professors.
28. Babson College (Babson Park, MA), $34,112/year, 1,799 students. Students need to run a business for the entrepreneurship program. Work and grading is difficult.
27. Fordham University (New York), $32,720/year, 1,866 students. Strong focus on ethics and integrity but jobs aren’t easy to find.
26. Rensselaer Polytech Institute-Lally (Troy, NY), $35,885/year, 374 students. Big focus on technology and personal professors win points.
25. Lehigh University (Bethlehem, PA), $35,610/year, 1,434 students. Faculty is well-liked, but recruiting is more difficult (accounting majors do better than marketing)
24. Miami University-Farmer (Oxford, OH), $11,875/year, 2,025 students. Accounting and finance programs get the jobs, but advising program isn’t recommended.
23. Southern Methodist University-Cox (Dallas, TX), $33,170/year, 917 students. Professors are accessible and recruiting occurs within the Dallas area.
22. Carnegie Mellon University-Tepper (Pittsburgh, PA), $37,544/year, 450 students. Intense work but school is small and quantitative skill focus is a plus.
21. Wake Forest University-Calloway (Winston-Salem, NC), $34,330/year, 415 students. A great workload that helps prepare students but also hurts them in the job hunt.
20. University of Richmond-Robins (Richmond, VA), $38,850/year, 670 students. Classes are small and students have a good relationship with professors.
19. Georgetown University-McDonough (Washington DC), $35,740/year, 1,297 students. Good DC location gives political focus.
18. University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign, IL), $12,232/year, 2,649 students. New building under construction with good staff and faculty.
17. University of Southern California-Marshall (Los Angeles, CA), $35,810/year, 3,497 students. Extensive alumni helps students find jobs.
16. Indiana University-Kelley (Bloomington, IN), $7,958/year, 4,069 students. Curriculum combines finance, marketing, strategy, and operations.
15. Washington University-Olin (St. Louis, MO), $35,524/year, 758 students. Good professors and administration, but recruiting falters.
14. Boston College-Carroll (Boston, MA), $35,674/year, 1,970 students. Lessons can be applied to real world and the career-services staff is accommodating.
13. Villanova University (Villanova, PA), $34,900/year, 1,804 students. Accounting program is top-notch, but marketing majors again feel out in the dark.
12. University of North Carolina-Kenan-Flagler (Chapel Hill, NC), $5,340/year, 658 students. Outstanding global focus and emphasis on technology makes the school shine.
11. University of California Berkeley-Haas (Berkeley, CA), $8,384/year, 700 students. Harsh grading with high-caliber faculty.
10. University of Texas-McCombs (Austin, TX), $8,908/year, 3,969 students. Good recruiting and accounting program.
9. Massachusetts Institute of Technology-Sloan (Cambridge, MA), $34,986/year, 246 students. Quantitative skills taught well and undergrads are challenged with MBA courses if desired.
8. New York University-Stern (New York, NY), $36,524/year, 2,335 students. Focuses on finance and is perfectly situated by Wall Street for great job opps.
7. Brigham Young University-Marriott (Provo, UT), $3,840/year, 1,616 students. Emphasis on ethical business leaders of the future.
6. University of Michigan-Ross (Ann Arbor, MI), $12,585/year, 1,069 students. Strict grading upsets students, but curriculum and teamwork win brownie points.
5. Emory University-Goizueta (Atlanta, GA), $34,336/year, 622 students. Hard-working professors and career service advisers.
4. Cornell University (Ithaca, NY), $19,291/year, 708 students. Challenging coursework prepares students well for business work.
3. University of Notre Dame-Mendoza (South Bend, IN), $35,187/year, 1,626 students. Powerful program with “die-hard alums.”
2. University of Virginia-McIntire (Carlottesville, VA), $8,690/year, 652 students. Excellent faculty and good starting salaries.
1. University of Pennsylvania-Wharton (Philadelphia, PA), $35,916/year, 2,519 students. Highly-esteemed students, faculty, and alumni.

Is business school in your future?

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